• Big Thanks to @RallySoftware for sponsoring #lssc10 exclusive speaker's lunch #lean #kanban #agile #
  • RT @siraju: Heard from client "the no1 benefit of this #kanban process for us is that it allows us to respect ourselves!" #
  • Discounted hotel rates for #lssc10 ends in 7 days! Don't forget to make your hotel reservations via #lean #kanban #
  • RT @lssc10: Discounted hotel rates for #lssc10 ends in 7 days! Don't forget to make your reservations via #lean #kanban #
  • RT @siraju: Anyone still thinking about going to #lssc10 DM/ mail / Call me for a 1-on-1 #kanban #lean #agile #scrum #undecidedsoulmate #
  • RT @siraju: @alshalloway yes looking forward to see you at #lssc10 #
  • RT @troytuttle: Spending the evening thinking about lean and #kanban for software concepts in preparation for #lssc10 #
  • RT @dpjoyce: Tonight I've got to choose from 6 Systems Thinking case studies to add to my talk at #lssc10 #
  • RT @jonrstahl: really wishing I could make #lssc10 in Atlanta on April 21st, just can't make it this year :( #
  • RT @jitterted: I'm all set to attend #lssc10 — booked flight and decided on a red-eye so I can attend the tech adv board meeting. #
  • RT @RallyOn: Plan-Do-Check-Adjust: Beyond Simple Inspect & Adapat at #lssc10 – register by 3/31 to save $ – #
  • RT @dpjoyce: Finished first draft of my #lssc10 talk, now the usual edits to cut down 2hrs worth of material into 1hr 😉 #
  • RT @MichaelSahota: @siraju Decided to attend #lssc10 since schedule cleared. Been using Lean, Kanban for a while; want to learn/connect #

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  • RT @dpjoyce: Showed Alistair Cockburn round our #Kanban teams today. He seemed impressed with levels of maturity shown by various teams. #
  • A special thanks to @agilesoftware for sponsoring #lssc10 evening reception at AJA in Atlanta! #kanban #lean #agile #
  • RT @jgoodsen: #lssc10 organizers tell me their $995 early bird rate expires at the end of the month, so register soon. #
  • RT @JoshuaKerievsky: Want to learn from experts in Lean/Kanban? Attend the Lean Software&Systems Conference: #
  • RT @agilemanager: Finally finished work on #lssc10 and #lssc11 😉 for today. Yes, we are already planning the 2011 #lean #kanban conference #
  • RT @troytuttle: The best conference value available this year: After March 31, the price goes up! #lssc10 #kanban #
  • RT @derickbailey: My pair programming partner: she tells me what's wrong by crying at my bad code. :) #
  • RT @virtualgenius: "You can not inspect quality into the product – it's already there." – Deming #
  • RT @lunivore: 1 month till I fly out to Atlanta for the Lean conf! Very excited. Are you coming? #lssc10 #
  • RT @derickbailey: just booked my hotel and plane to #lssc10 excited to be going, and honored to be speaking! going to be a great conference. #
  • RT @jlindenreed:Pleased 2 see so many women registering for #lssc10! I think women hold out for common-sense approaches. A good indicator. #
  • RT @erwilleke: How about the high number of awesome people registered for #lssc10 :) The people I've seen going are amazing! #
  • RT @siraju: Yayyyyy!!! Just moved one more step closer to getting 100% of my #lean #kanban clients to come to #lssc10 !! Monica rox !!!! #
  • RT @Ben_Hall: @derickbailey #lssc10 looks like it's going to be a great conf! #wishIwasgoing #
  • RT @agilemanager: @rachelcdavies book should launch at #lssc10 in Atlanta next month. Public online availability in early May. #
  • RT @thomasjeffrey: cant wait for #lssc10 #
  • RT @siraju: Heard from client "the no1 benefit of this #kanban process for us is that it allows us to respect ourselves!" #lssc10 #lean #
  • RT @benjaminm: Flights and hotel booked for #lssc10 in Atlanta 21 – 23 Apr. #
  • RT @simmons3k: Ramping up with #lssc10 sign-ups from Constant Contact. 3 done and working on 3 more . #

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Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 banner

The Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 is the conference to attend for anyone interested in applying lean concepts to software and systems development.  The Lean Software and Systems Consortium is proud to bring together 50 of the best people in lean and kanban to share their field experiences, data and innovative thinking with you. Please join us for this important inaugural event!David J.Anderson photo

David J. Anderson

Conference Chairman

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 banner

Announcing the full conference program

We are pleased to announce the full program for the
Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 held April 21-23 in Atlanta, Georgia! Take a moment and explore the program to discover how lean, the next wave in software process, can benefit you.

Arlo Belshee photo Kanban Track

Discussions of theory and practice relating to limited Work in Progress (WIP) pull systems in the software development lifecycle and project management.

“Teams struggle with constraints in one part of the system while excess capacity exists in another. There is always something ‘in progress.’ As a result, they have trouble shipping software”

Arlo Belshee
– Session: Single Piece Flow, A How-To

Mary Poppendieck photoLean Business and Management Track

Covering a wide range of Lean ideas and concepts applied to software project management. Learn about organizational transition, metrics, techniques used at large companies and more.

“Policy Deployment in a lean organization is like navigating a ship – it starts with an understanding of the final destination, but leaders don’t forget that it’s their job to steer the ship along the way.”

Mary Poppendieck
– Session: What’s Wrong with Targets

James Sutton photo Lean Systems Engineering Track

Lean ideas applied to Systems Engineering and Integration. Sessions include decision techniques, defining lean systems engineering, failure prediction and assuring success.

“Relatively simple ideas from Systems Engineering can ‘super-charge’ your Lean efforts and make your programs successful even in highly-challenging situations and with very-demanding customers.”

James Sutton
– Session: – Session: Lean System Engineering: Key to Accomplishing Big Things

David Joyce Experience Reports Track

Field case studies in lean and kanban implementations presented by practitioners.

“Kanban sets an expectation of flow, provides improved predictability and business agility, and enables a kaizen culture via bottleneck management, waste reduction and variability reduction, thus enabling teams to visualise and implement improvements.”

David Joyce – Session: A Journey to Systemic Improvement (BBC Worldwide)

Joshua Kerievsky Lean Engineering Practices

Presenting emerging and evolving programming, testing and analysis practices. Topics include BDD, releasing per feature, deploying latent code, and managing complex workflows for incremental delivery..

“You’ll learn what programming processes help or hurt our ability to limit ‘red time’ and you’ll gain an appreciation for the visual cues that can help make you a better programmer”

Joshua Kerievsky – Session: The Limited Red Society

Dennis Stevens
Leaning Over the Edge Track

Explore innovative ideas, devil’s advocacy and topics on the periphery of Lean theory such as option theory and risk management.

“Business capability analysis helps larger teams realize similar speed and quality results of smaller teams while remaining aligned with what is most valuable to the business.”

Dennis Stevens – Session: Feeding the Agile Beast


Don Reinertsen

Don Reinertsen
“The Easy Road to FLOW Goes through a Town named LEAN”

If we seek to achieve flow, the ideas of lean manufacturing are a superb starting point. However, if we think of them as our final destination, they will ultimately only block our progress.


Robert Charette

Robert Charette
“Risk, Lean Development & Profit: Getting Back to Basics”

Lean is concerned with challenging assumptions and breaking through the constraints that limit us in what we see and do. By challenging our assumptions we open ourselves to new sources of discovery and innovation.

Quick Links

Contact Information

Save 20%

Register by March 31st
and save! 

Prices go up to $1250 after April 1st, including walk-in registrations.

Offer Expires: March 31, 2010

Lean Software and Systems Consortium | 275 118th Avenue SE | Suite 115 | Bellevue | WA | 98117

  • LSSC Speaker Announcement hits newsire – #lssc10 has an amazing line up of speakers! lean# kanban# agile# #
  • LSSC Speaker Announcement hits newsire – #lssc10 has an amazing line up of speakers! #lean #kanban #agile #
  • RT @indomitablehef: One more time: Anyone else from Nashville going to @lssc10? I want to talk to you.. :) (trying to form a Lean/Kanban UG) #
  • RT @jamesshore: @agilemanager Looking forward to talking more & seeing latest theory + experiences at #lssc10 #
  • RT @agilemanager: To see the most sophisticated ALM mgmt too imaginable. Go see @alissonvale @ #lssc10 #
  • RT @alshalloway: #lssc10 kanban has matured so much in last year I'm excited about what'll show up in expereince reports. #
  • RT @energizr: final draft of #qcon and #lssc10 presentation done. back to the kanban case study now #
  • RT @jheintz: Finalized my trip to @lssc10 conference. Does too much #kanban violate a WIP limit? #

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