• RT @agilemanager: Revised #lssc10 program created with 6 new speakers. Email to everyone affected has gone out via @jlindenreed #
  • RT @lunivore: April sun / shines through the ashes / of our plans… #haiku #lssc10 #
  • RT @agilemanager: I will autograph any copies of my new book sold this week #lssc10 if buyer wants 😉 #
  • RT @alshalloway: I'll also autograph copies of my (not so new) bk sold @ #lssc10 if buyer wants 😉 hey, i'll sign @agilemanager 's too! 😉 #
  • RT @PDarrall: Current sponsors – Emergent Behaviour, iMeta, XTC and Paul Dolman-Darrall – We need one more sponsor #openvolcano10 #
  • RT @PDarrall: I have arranged for the event to be recorded and podcasts to be made #openvolcano10 #
  • RT @cmshinkle: sad 2 be missing people at #lssc10 but not going to let it spoil my conf. Still great collection of speakers & tons to learn. #
  • RT @cmshinkle: Missing people at #lssc10 just makes me more excited about the #lssc11 possibilities! #
  • @lisacrispin doubtful, big backlogs for airlines, priority won't be ppl with cancelled flights who are not stranded. in reply to lisacrispin #
  • RT @jeantabaka: Arr. Hot-lanta for #lssc10. Let the good times FLOW :-) #kanban #lean #
  • RT @timwingfield: my audience while I practice my #lssc10 talk. no Vader, too much pressure. #TwitPict http://twitpic.com/1gxj0e #
  • RT @chadholdorf: Packing for #lssc10. Yes, even John Deere uses #scrum to build machine software. #
  • RT @alauser: Made it to Weston WV so far, on my way to #lssc10. #
  • RT @Adventure_Tech: Everybody with @troytuttle luck for his talk at #lssc10 wish I was going with him, gonna be an awesome event. #
  • RT @jeantabaka: Missing #openvolcano10 folks at #lssc10 :-( but having fun defining Tech Advisory Board role for LSSC Board #
  • RT @eriksowa: On plane at SFO departing for #lssc10 in Atlanta. Same flight as @JoshuaKerievsky. #
  • RT @ourfounder: Safely in my 1968 GM City Bus seat on Frontier flying to #lssc10. #
  • RT @troyoliveira: Heading out for #lssc10 this afternoon. Pray for everyone to have safe travels. Can't wait! #
  • RT @peter_hultgren: Waiting in the gate lounge, it seems like we'll actually leave for #lssc10 #
  • RT @joakimsunden: Me, @peter_hultgren and @jfsoderstrom have now boarded our flight. Looking good! (Fingers crossed) #lssc10 #ashtag #
  • RT @nhajratw: expecting 10:07pm arrival for #lssc10 — anyone for a rideshare to hotel? #
  • RT @nhajratw: The poppendiecks just boarded. I guess this is the right plane. :-) #lssc10 #
  • RT @Sameh_Zeid: My session outline in #LSSC10, http://bit.ly/LSSC10SZ. #
  • RT @jitterted: End of a looong day: took the red-eye to make the #lssc10 TAB meeting today, but was totally worth it. #
  • RT @mbria: Off to the airport for an early flight to Hotlanta and #lssc10. See everyone in a few hours! #
  • We're underway! Excellent turnout, even with volcanoes. @dreinertsen is starting his Keynote. #lssc10 #
  • @dreinertsen – Don't limit yourself to lean. Lean is a waypoint in better management. #lssc10 #
  • @asplake yes, there will be a video for @dreinertsen's keynote for #lssc10 in reply to asplake #
  • Check out #lssc10 to see the tweets from the conference. Excellent number of quality tweets. #
  • Leave feedback for speakers from #lssc10 http://bit.ly/lssc10feedback #
  • @nhajratw yes als the sessions are being recorded in reply to nhajratw #
  • @jamesshore it was great having you, have a save trip! #lssc10 in reply to jamesshore #
  • RT @jlindenreed: Here's the crystal Brickell Key award won by @dpjoyce. Congrats, you earned it! #lssc10 http://twitpic.com/1hl998 #
  • RT @yuvalyeret: amdocs #kanban case study slides from #lssc10 http://slidesha.re/93AF4X – for those who asked for the slides.. #
  • @virtualgenius thanks for being here and have a safe trip home! #lssc10 in reply to virtualgenius #
  • 2010 Brickell Key Awards go to @alissonvale & @dpjoyce! Pls RT & give props on twitter & blog! http://bit.ly/cPOcv8 #lssc10 #

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Today was an exciting day for the Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010. At the Speaker’s Recognition luncheon, we had the pleasure of presenting the inaugural Brickell Key Award for Excellence in Lean Software Engineering. This year’s recipients were David Joyce from London, England and Alisson Vale from Vitoria, Brazil.

David and Alisson have both led major scale lean transformations with alacrity, David on a corporate scale at the BBC, Alisson in his service industry business, Phidelis. In both cases, the buy-in of extensive customer groups was required. We are grateful for their service to the community for expanding the interest in Lean and in its thoughtful implementation.

Alisson Vale founder of Phidelis Technologies has more than 15 year of experience with software development and at least 8 years leading and coaching software projects. He is an Agile enthusiast in Brazil, where he participates by writing articles, doing presentations and debating on discussion forums. Today he is a technical coach and Product Leader at Phidelis, where a lot of ideas and techniques are constantly challenged and applied in real world scenarios.

David Joyce is an agile development manager and coach with 12 years technical team management and coaching experience and 20 years software development experience.

In recent years, using Scrum and XP, David has coached onshore and offshore development teams and successfully launched an internet video startup from inception to launch. David worked for BBC Worldwide as a Development Manager, coaching teams on Lean, Kanban and Systems Thinking. Recently, David became a consultant with Thoughtworks Australia.  David is a certified Scrum Master, Lean practitioner and Kanban coach.


The TAB chairman plans to post a summary of the results of the April 20 formation meeting for the Technical Advisory Board on the LSSC website by April 30. This will include notes on the group discussion, its goals, and the actions it plans to complete in the next 12 months.


The volcano may have stopped some of our speakers and attendees from coming to Atlanta and it did not stop David from sending us his Journey to Systemic Improvement presentation. As if that wasn’t enough, David has also recorded it, embedded below in 3 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The direct links offer better quality and are slower as you have to wait for the entire video to cache before fast forwarding etc.

Part 1 http://leanandkanban.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/journey-to-systemic-improvement-lssc10-part-1.mov
Part 2 http://leanandkanban.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/journey-to-systemic-improvement-lssc10-part-2.mov
Part 3 http://leanandkanban.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/journey-to-systemic-improvement-lssc10-part-3.mov


Revised Refund Policy Announced

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The original refund policy stated:

We will refund the registration fee less a $45 service fee up until March 31st. After March 31st there will be no refunds.

Due to the extraordinary nature of the travel situation arising from the the Iceland volcano, the Lean Software and Systems Conference has announced a revised refund policy. For attendees who are unable to attend the conference due to volcano related travel interruptions, LSSC will issue refunds less a $45 service fee. This change to the policy does not affect attendees who are not able to attend for other reasons.

If you have any questions contact atlanta2010@leanssc.org.

  • RT @berndschiffer: Just registered for #lssc10 – no trying to find flights from Germany to Atlanta. #
  • RT @alhui: Looking forward to the Lean Software and Systems Conference, http://atlanta2010.leanssc.org next week #lssc10 #
  • @wwwsepcom is just one more sponsor helping make #lssc10 happen next week – @cmshinkle from SEP will also speak in kanban track #lean #agile #
  • RT @cory_foy: Shutting down. Off to NYC/NJ tomorrow. Wish I was heading to #lssc10. Maybe next time. #

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  • RT @agilemanager: #kanban book is done :-) I just instructed the editor to authorize the printer to start production… #
  • RT @agilemanager: We're expediting printing in order to have hard copy for sale at #lssc10#
  • RT @LoneRockGod: @lssc10 signed up and ready to get lean (and perhaps even mean) at #lssc10 #
  • @targetprocess will exhibit at #lssc10 in a few short weeks! #lean #agile #kanban #
  • RT @thomasjeffrey: I am planning on going to #lssc10 a day earlier for the advisory board, anybody else? #

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From: Don Reinertsen, Chairman LSSC Technical Advisory Board

As a participant in the 2010 LSSC Conference you are invited to attend the pre-conference organizational meeting of LSSC’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) on April 20. We are holding this meeting at the conference venue from 8 AM to 5 PM, and have room for up to 70 attendees. You are welcome to attend whatever portion of the meeting that fits with you travel plans.

I have volunteered to chair the TAB, and to lead this meeting. The purpose of this initial meeting is to:

1. Develop a consensus on the goals of the TAB.
2. Define the roles of its members.
3. Define the board’s concept of operation.

You may be able to contribute either as a prospective member of the TAB, or by simply making your voice heard with regard to what you think the TAB should be doing for the LSSC.

Our starting hypothesis is that the TAB should ensure that the LSSC develops a body of knowledge that is relevant, useful, and one that remains at the leading edge. We believe this can be done by assembling a balanced group of practitioners, solution providers, and academics. We want to create a group that will incorporate multiple points of view rather than advocating for a single orthodoxy.

Ideally, we’d like to leave this meeting with:

1. A clear mission for the TAB, owned by its members.
2. A set of people willing to work towards this mission.
3. An initial planned set of actions and action owners.

Please let me know if you will be able to attend and what portion of the day you may be able to join us. This will allow us to plan lunch and refreshments for the group.

Please RSVP to Kelly Wilson at: lssc@sep.com

I’d be glad to answer any questions. You can reach me at: DonReinertsen@gmail.com

I have also attached a draft agenda. We’ll adjust it at the start of the meeting, so ideas to improve it are welcome.

See the Agenda here

Or you can download the agenda Here


One Day Pricing Announced

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The Lean Software and Systems Conference in Atlanta has announced one day pricing. The price is just $550 for a single day – this is a $700 discount off the full conference. If you can’t make the full three day event, you still have a chance to to mix for a day with the experts and practitioners from around the world who are using Lean Thinking to improve the performance of software development and systems engineering.

Go to http://atlanta2010.leanssc.org/register/ and use the discount code for the day you are attending:

Wednesday: 1DAYWED
Thursday: 1DAYTHU
Friday: 1DAYFRI

  • @LeanKitKanban will have exhibit booth set up at #lssc10! Thank you for your participation! #lean #kanban #agile #
  • RT @agilemanager: We're getting about 5 new regs/day now. Going to be a great crowd! #lssc10 #
  • RT @nhajratw: woot! registered for #lssc10 – It's going to be a good one! #
  • RT @troytuttle: Last day to get the $995 price at Lean Software & Systems Conference! Pass it on. http://bit.ly/10C9nb #lssc10 #
  • RT @cgosimon: Woot. I will be at #lssc in Atlanta. #
  • RT @siraju: my dearest friend @sripart has registered for #lssc10 yayy!!! this is going to be an awesome reunion for all my pals and clients #
  • RT @jitterted: @alshalloway That's a great offer, I'm sure I won't have to take you up on it! Looking forward to #lssc10 #
  • @UltimateHCM is one of many sponsors to thank for making #lssc10 happen! Thank you for your support. #
  • RT @bcarlso: Just a few weeks till #lssc10. Looking forward to seeing my lean software tweeps there! #
  • RT @agilemanager: Announcing single day pricing for Lean Software & Systems Conf. $550 #lssc10 http://atlanta2010.leanscc.org #
  • RT @lssc10: RT @agilemanager: Announcing single day pricing for Lean Software & Systems Conf. $550 #lssc10 http://atlanta2010.leanssc.org #
  • RT @thomasjeffrey: Marvel Superheroes and Kanban the Ultimate Crossover! http://bit.ly/doQhTH #lssc10 #

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