From: Don Reinertsen, Chairman LSSC Technical Advisory Board

As a participant in the 2010 LSSC Conference you are invited to attend the pre-conference organizational meeting of LSSC’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) on April 20. We are holding this meeting at the conference venue from 8 AM to 5 PM, and have room for up to 70 attendees. You are welcome to attend whatever portion of the meeting that fits with you travel plans.

I have volunteered to chair the TAB, and to lead this meeting. The purpose of this initial meeting is to:

1. Develop a consensus on the goals of the TAB.
2. Define the roles of its members.
3. Define the board’s concept of operation.

You may be able to contribute either as a prospective member of the TAB, or by simply making your voice heard with regard to what you think the TAB should be doing for the LSSC.

Our starting hypothesis is that the TAB should ensure that the LSSC develops a body of knowledge that is relevant, useful, and one that remains at the leading edge. We believe this can be done by assembling a balanced group of practitioners, solution providers, and academics. We want to create a group that will incorporate multiple points of view rather than advocating for a single orthodoxy.

Ideally, we’d like to leave this meeting with:

1. A clear mission for the TAB, owned by its members.
2. A set of people willing to work towards this mission.
3. An initial planned set of actions and action owners.

Please let me know if you will be able to attend and what portion of the day you may be able to join us. This will allow us to plan lunch and refreshments for the group.

Please RSVP to Kelly Wilson at: lssc@sep.com

I’d be glad to answer any questions. You can reach me at: DonReinertsen@gmail.com

I have also attached a draft agenda. We’ll adjust it at the start of the meeting, so ideas to improve it are welcome.

See the Agenda here

Or you can download the agenda Here