Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 Agenda
Time Wednesday April 21st
Start End  
7:00 8:30 Breakfast & Registration
8:30 8:45 Opening Remarks: David J. Anderson, Conference Chair
8:45 9:15 Intro to LeanSSC: Alan Chedalawada, LeanSSC President
9:15 10:45 Keynote: Don Reinertsen
  Business & Management Track Engineering Practices Track Kanban Track
11:15 12:15 Alan Shalloway Seeing What Matters: Using The Right Vision To Manage Transition Joshua Kerievsky The Limited Red Society Troy Tuttle Why Kanban?
12:15 1:15 Lunch
1:15 2:15 Paul Rayner Measure for Measure: Lean Principles for Effective Metrics Daniel Vacanti SOA and Color Modeling: A lean approach to reusable component definition Russell Healy Teaching Lean and Kanban – What’s Working Well
2:15 2:30 Short Break
2:30 3:30 Richard Hensley Journey to Success: McKesson David Laribee The Evolving Concurrent Releases Toolkit James Shore and Arlo Belshee Single Piece Flow in Kanban, a How-To
3:30 3:45 Short Break
3:45 4:45 Mary Poppendieck What’s Wrong With Targets Erik Sowa Feature Bits: Enabling Flow Within and Across Development Teams Chris Hefley Dogfooding Kanban
4:45 5:00 Short Break
5:00 6:00 Alan Chedalawada Standard Work and The Lean Enterprise Derick Bailey Decoupling Workflow For Incremental Delivery Chris Shinkle Lean and Kanban in a Contracting Environment
7:00 10:00 Reception
Time Thursday April 22nd
Start End  
7:00 8:00 Breakfast & Registration
8:00 9:00 Title Sponsor Presentation: The Need For Enterprise Agility – Vision and Case Study – Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
9:00 10:30 Keynote: Bob Charette
10:30 10:45 Short Break
  Experience Report Track Systems Engineering Track Kanban Track
10:45 11:45 Yuval Yeret and Erez Katzav Scaling Amdocs: PBG from team scrum to to a multi-program portfolio using Lean and Kanban James Sutton Lean Systems Engineering: Key to Accomplishing Big Things Clinton Keith Kanban for Video Game Production
11:45 1:15 Lunch Speaker Recognition Lunch (Invitation Only)
1:15 2:15 Dennis Stevens Shifting to Kanban: BeamTeam case study Rich Turner Sibling Rivalry: Can lean approaches help integrate systems and software engineering? Eric Landes Kanban Failure Case Study
2:15 2:30 Short Break
2:30 3:30 Ryan Martens PDCA: Beyond Simple Inspect and Adapt Mike Sivertsen Cognitive Kanban: Improving Decisions in a Complex World Alisson Vale Making the Work Visible
3:30 3:45 Short Break
3:45 4:45 Frank Vega Scrum, XP, and Beyond Bo Oppenheim Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering David Anderson Kanban and Accelerated Emergence of High Maturity
4:45 5:00 Short Break
5:00 6:00 Christophe Louvion Through the Lean Looking Glass Henson Graves Why Programs Fail Mike Fitterman and Rick Simmons Kanban and Process Evolution in the Constant Contact Website Team
Time Friday April 23rd
Start End  
7:00 8:00 Breakfast
  Experience Report Track Leaning Over the Edge Track Last Responsible Moment
8:00 8:45 Siddharta Govindaraj A Startup Journey: Evolving from ad-hoc to Agile to Kanban Siraj Sirajuddin The Lean Change Agent’s Mantra Open Space
8:45 9:30 Sameh Zeid Delivery in sustainment projects through Lean process management Dean Stevens Feeding the Agile Beast
9:30 10:00 Break
10:00 10:45 Tim Wingfield Lean Lessons Learned John Goodsen Encouraging Innovation in Electronic Kanban Tools
10:45 11:30 Israel Gat, Eric Huddleston, Walter Bodwell, Stephen Chin Reformulating the Product Delivery Process Eric Willeke Value Stream Languages
11:30 11:45 Short Break Lightning Talks (5 min slots)
11:45 12:30 Kelley Horton The Power of Visibility: Driving a Lean-Agile transition Ken Pugh Determining Business Value