Alan Chedalawada

Standard Work and The Lean Enterprise

Standard work has long been a concept of Lean Manufacturing. This talk explores applying Standard Work in organizations adopting Lean-Agile for their Software development efforts. We will discover how Standard work is instrumental in:
• reducing variation in approaches to work – thereby leveraging best approaches,
• facilitating and managing continuous improvements,
• empowering people across business, management, and teams providing clarity around boundaries of responsibilities,
• embracing and continually managing knowledge gained

This talk includes techniques from actual implementations at large organizations (> 2000 technical people).


Alan Chedalawada is a senior executive with 25+ years experience in Business Operations and Technology at various corporations ranging from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 1000 companies where he has held the positions of Director, CIO, CTO, and VP of Operations. As Net Objectives President and Senior Consultant of Enterprise Accounts, he focuses on growing Net Objectives’ Customer value offering and enabling Net Objectives’ corporate clients with process improvements, skill extensions and achieving effective iterative software development. Alan has a proven performance record with corporations such as: EDS, Computer Associates, IBM, Cable Wireless, Telia, Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Calvin Klein, OMO Norma Kamali, as well as several entrepreneurial startups. Alan’s experience spans the Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Technology, Finance, Energy, and Distribution industries. Alan is a Certified ScrumMaster, a member of TIE – The Indus Entrepreneurs organization, and a graduate with honors from Columbia University’s Computer Technology and Application Masters program.