Alisson Vale

Making the Work Visible

That is what we have been doing at Phidelis since Kanban has become essential in our way to develop and delivery software. We have observed that hidden characteristics of our working system start to reveal once we discover clever ways to put the work, the process, and the communication resulted from collaboration, visible.

We do that by using an electronic application that merges tracking data with visual elements in a social and collaborative perspective. The process and the representation of the work itself are presented using Lean concepts and terminology. The application absorbs what sticks in the real process, creating an interesting way to forge a management system based on experience rather than prescription.

On this presentation I will explore the way that we design our processes using these elements. How do we mix signs and data to create visual information? How do we put visible measures near visible work so we can influence the whole system in a positive direction? How do we make the collective efforts explicit in a way that we constantly reinforce the need for collaboration on a daily basis? How do we use Lean and Kanban concepts to give us not only a direction, but also a clear goal to conduct the system and its evolution?


Allison Vale Alisson Vale is founder of Phidelis Technologies. With more than 15 year of experience with software development and at least 8 years leading and coaching software projects, he is an Agile enthusiast in Brazil, where he has a strong level of participation by writing articles, doing presentations and debating on discussion forums. Today he is a technical coach and Product Leader at Phidelis, where a lot of ideas and techniques are constantly challenged and applied in real world scenarios.