Christophe Louvion

Through the Lean Looking Glass, and what we found there

What do you do when as the new CTO you realize, in the dawn of the biggest financial crisis since the depression, that implementing scrum in a chaotic environment gives you a lot more working software and accolades, and not enough business value? Run away? Ignore and pretend? Think and act different?

This is the story of the passage of a mid-size company in the crazy world of online media through unexpected transformations; a tale where scrum gives place to kanban, teams are rethought, roles are redefined, and where lean principles grow and sprawl out all over. Within a year, during which the advertising industry collapsed, signs of higher maturity speak for themselves: true self organization, accelerating pace of change, and stronger financial performance.


Christophe Louvion Christophe Louvion has over 10 years of experience in enabling rapid business growth through building high performance teams and cutting edge operations.

Christophe is the CTO at Gorilla Nation, a leading online advertising firm based in Los Angeles. He is an advisor to startups in the educational, ecommerce and entertainment industries, and an active member of the Lean-Agile leadership community.

He pioneered shopping search engines as the VP of Engineering at Shopzilla, the largest shopping search engine in the world.

Christophe has a Masters in Math & Computer Science from ESIAL (France), is a Certified Scrum Coach and won an Anvar award from The French Agency for Innovation.

His personal blog can be accessed at