Eric Willeke

Value Stream Languages

Every experienced practitioner has their story of the pointless project. There is a connection missing somewhere between the executive direction set by the corporate leaders and your current project. Alignment between the project and the business is missing even when the value is clearly evident. Why does this happen, and how can we help?

Awareness of the languages used by different roles in the context of a lean value stream and the perspectives of Feature Injection and Behavior Driven Development frames a conversation exploring the sources of this disconnect and how recognizing these operational languages can guide systemic improvement within and across layers of the value stream.


Eric Willeke I am a pathfinder. I contribute on technical teams by seeking new approaches to accomplish our goals, and then amplify by helping my entire team gain the same capabilities. I explore ways to work faster and more effectively, and then I engage those around me in learning and expanding those methods. I passionately learn and improve myself, and then I joyously share the learning moments of my peers. My work, my love, my passion, and my career are in the people; the technology is just a context in which I work.

These continual changes in context have exposed me to a number of risk environments, regulatory frameworks, process environments, management structures, technical platforms, and architectural approaches. These differences continually teach me how to see the patterns within our industries.