John Goodsen

What’s Next for Electronic Kanban? Encouraging Innovation in Electronic Kanban Tools

In the last few years, the notion of Kanban for Software Development has become the latest rage in Agile evolution. During this time, I’ve been experimenting with collaborative web tools for distributed kanban teams, resulting in radtrack, an open source kanban web application. As I learned kanban and used radtrack as my coding dojo along the way, I’ve basically re-written it from scratch twice as I wrestled with how iterations might fit into a Kanban world. The end result is that I’ve come to accept that iterations in product development introduce significant waste, both in tool complexity and associated process complexity. This interactive presentation/workshop will take particpants through a very brief history of kanban tools and then request your involvement in an interactive brainstorming session on what the future of kanban tools might bring.

The focus of this interactive session will be more of a paper prototyping, workshop format, designed to elicit new visualizations from kanban visionaries on new ways to visualize and encourage lean team concepts across geographic boundaries with electronic kanban tools. Participants will be asked to break into focus groups and help brainstorm directions for the next generation of electronic kanban systems. I expect to write up the results of these brainstorming sessions as a joint activity with all workshop participants and publish the results as a mechanism to stimulate new electronic kanban tool innovations with both commercial and open source tool vendors alike.