Kelley Horton

The Power of Visibility: Driving a Lean-Agile Transition with Visual Controls

A Charlotte based healthcare quality and cost improvement organization (Premier Inc. healthcare alliance, CITS Division) has made a large transition to Lean-Agile. One of the key drivers was gaining organizational buy-in to the power of minimizing WIP. The Program Management Office made the decision early on that queues of work must first be seen before they could be managed. This experience report provides examples of how visibility into organizational WIP allowed business stakeholders to create a portfolio view of continuously prioritized business initiatives. The dashboards and visual controls that managed this work ultimately helped the teams continuously decompose work into right-sized deliverable increments. This allowed predictable release planning by the business, and allowed the work to be pulled into focus by development teams for incremental delivery. What emerged was the ability to “see” flow through the value stream.


Kelley Horton is Director of the Corporate IT Program Management Office for the Premier Inc. healthcare alliance ( She has program management and process improvement expertise with over 15 years of experience in creating and leading Program/Project Management offices for product and application development organizations as well as implementing and improving Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes.