Mattias Skarin

Converting a Scrum Team to Kanban

A case study of a Scrum team who shifted to Kanban in the midst of a runaway project. I will show how we wrestled with problems under tight deadlines and step-by-step brought the project and the team’s self confidence back on track. We found kanban to be a useful tool into seeing and agreeing, inside the team and among stakeholders, what issues to deal with first. I will also talk about the complementary techniques we used (besides kanban) for dealing with the problems we encountered.


Mattias Skarin Who am I?

After 9 years in software I’ve decided to learn what it takes to create successful software. During this journey I’ve helped helped several software teams deliver with confidence, I’ve scaled Scrum to 10+ teams (cutting software cycle time from 24 months to 4), and improved life at operations using Kanban.

I’m an author of the book “Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both”. I train and coach in Lean, Kanban and TDD.