Mike Fitterman and Rick Simmons

Kanban and Process Evolution in the Constant Contact Website Team

Over a ten-month period, the web team at Constant Contact moved from a disjointed, iteration-based approach to a single flow process based on Kanban and incorporating the entire value chain from concept to deployment. We faced common problems of working in silos, disjoint cycles, unreasonable time in planning and retros, and unbounded hand-offs to outside groups. In June 2009, we began a Kanban adoption, and over ten months created a process that has doubled our visibility and increased throughput by two-thirds, among many other benefits. A focus on flow allowed us to push the process upstream into product management and marketing. Ultimately, this was enabling an factor in a corporate reorganization that combined components of marketing, product strategy and engineering under a single general manager, around a single value stream. Our success has caught the attention of the entire organization, and interest in Kanban is rapidly growing in many areas.