Richard Hensley

A Story about McKesson ADM Business Development

We proposed to create a software as a service endeavor as an experiment in software business done a new way at McKesson. We theorized that the principles behind current software methodologies, specifically SCRUM could be instilled into the whole business so that value could be delivered significantly faster and of better quality when compared to our corporate peers. We predicted that we could deliver a live revenue producing customer with the business in less than one year from the time of funding. We tested by executing our funded business plan. To our great relief, the theory was largely correct. The presentation will cover the steps and missteps taken along the way, and detail the results of our ongoing experiment, including our kanban implementation.


Richard Hensley is a 25 year veteran of the healthcare information technology industry. Richard has built systems to support the healthcare industry including retail and hospital pharmacies, prescription insurance claims, hospital based and ambulatory clinical laboratories, insurance utilization and authorization management, hospital patient accounting, and hospital clinical documentation. Richard’s role in these products has progressed along the software engineering career path. For the last 15 years, Richard has been in technical leadership roles on various products. Richard’s latest endeavor is to guide McKesson along the path of being a better software product development organization. Richard is the engineering director for the ADM business.

Richard is also involved with the McKesson office of the CTO. In that role, he is involved McKesson-wide activities including technical due diligence for merges and acquisitions, technology convergence initiatives, technology adoption initiatives, technology acquisition initiatives, and process adoption initiatives.