Scott Bellware

Lean Web Design – Living with Specialization in Rapid Startups

Web designers are highly-specialized professionals. We loose a lot of productivity due to the effects of this specialization, whether through rework, scrap work, relearning, or missed expectations. Rapid startups expect to be up and running within two months, from the start of development work to business launch. Web designers are critical members of web startup teams, and learning to deal with web design specialists is vital to a rapid startup’s ability to sustain its pace. This presentation talks about two web startups that applied lean thinking and pull and flow to this particular challenge, and the techniques and understanding that came from the experience.


Scott	 Bellware Scott Bellware is a software product designer, builder, and manager living in Austin, TX. Scott works with web startups on rapid new product development as well as with IT shops to improve the quality of their products, processes, and performance. Scott is the founder of the Lean Software Austin group, and has founded and helped organize numerous professional groups and events regionally, nationally, and internationally. He speaks at software industry conferences and teaches Agile and Lean development in workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe. Scott has served as the chairman of the International .NET Association’s Speaker Committee and is a recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional award. Scott is an activist, an organizer, explorer, and teacher. Scott has been caught on several occasions replacing the periods of highly-secured assertions with question marks.