Simon Baker and Gus Power

Product Development in the Land of the Free

Creating and sustaining a ‘system’ for effective product development is neither easy nor commonplace. If we were to pull together the lessons we’ve learned from eXtreme Programming and Scrum with systems approaches such as Lean Thinking and the Theory of Constraints to build such a ‘system’ what would it look like? Where would we start? How would we organize ourselves? And what would be our approach?

The fact that so many information technology projects are still failing tells us that we should be doing something very different. This session will explore some of the things we’ve been doing beyond the agile comfort zone to improve the effectiveness and throughput of product development and realize business agility.


Simon Baker Simon is an enlightened renegade and incorrigible fun-monger whose resolute attitude to craftsmanship and quality, relentless focus on what¹s important and ability to create exciting working conditions is changing the way people produce software. He has been delivering software in the Internet, media, retail, financial services and banking sectors since 1992. With a perennially inquisitive nature he questions conventional thinking, and with innate courage and acuity he’s developed an instinct for doing the right thing and getting stuff done. He’s an altruist and his raw energy and desire to work with inspirational people drive his passion for achieving the remarkable.
Gus Power Gus Power is a hairy force of nature who’s always looking for better ways to figure out what the right stuff is and how do get it done. He’s full of stories, usually involving trains, and likes to punctuate his day pomodoro-style while listening to He sees software development as part of a bigger picture that involves both humans and electrons and is passionate about creating and sustaining a working environment in which people can be successful. Some folks wonder why he always dressed in black.