Tim Wingfield

Lean Lessons Learned: Our Experiences Moving to Kanban

Over the last year and a half we’ve moved our development teams and some of our clients into Lean development practices utilizing Kanban to deliver more value in a shorter amount of time. This session covers our experiences with Kanban and the practical applications of Lean development practices as we employed them. I’ll share our successes and failures while our 4 to 8 person teams tailored our approach for each client after determining what worked and didn’t work in those clients’ environments. You’ll learn the real-world benefits and challenges of changing to Lean and Kanban, and why they fundamentally changed the way I approach projects.


Tim Wingfield Tim has been involved in web design and development for over 12 years and is a Software Craftsman with Pillar Technology, a consultancy focused on agile software development and business transformation in Ohio, Michigan, and the Southeast. Tim has a wide range of knowledge in .Net but focuses on the user interface and the user experience in ASP.Net applications. Recently he has put more time into practicing lean development processes and how to more efficiently create quality software. He also has a budding love affair with Ruby, and has done a cannonball into the Rails pool. In what time is left over, Tim enjoys coaching his sons’ hockey teams, playing a little hockey himself, and traveling with his family.