Troy Tuttle

Why Kanban

Kanban is receiving a large amount of attention recently. What does it offer compared to other established agile approaches? Answering that question may require you to hit the “reset” button on previously held biases and assumptions.

Kanban blends Lean thought with ideas from first generation agile methodologies. To get started with Kanban, we will examine what steps are necessary to establish a transparent, work-limited, pull system. We will highlight the perils of allowing too much work-in-progress and how it affects development performance. Once established, Kanban teams need only a few metrics and tools to monitor their performance and improvement.


Troy Tuttle Troy Tuttle is a self-described pragmatic agilist, and Kanban practitioner, with more than a decade of experience in delivering software in the finance and health industries and as a consultant. As a team leader he has mentored teams on improving their approach to iterative development though achieving technical proficiency. He advocates teams improve their performance through pursuit of better practices like continuous integration and automated testing. Troy is the founder of the Kansas City Limited WIP Society and is a regular speaker at local area groups on team related topics. He currently works as a Project Lead Consultant with AdventureTech Group of Kansas City, KS.