Yuval Yeret and Erez Katzav

Scaling Amdocs PBG from team scrum to a multi-program portfolio using Lean and Kanban

PBG, The product development arm of Amdocs, a global telco company, introduced Scrum into its processes, with the help of consultants from AgileSparks, in order to improve its competitiveness. Along the way, it became clear that while Scrum is great at the team/sprint level, something more is required in order to optimize the whole system. Lean/Kanban turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. This company is currently rolling out Kanban at dozens of PO Teams for multiple dozens of Scrum Teams. This session will describe the journey from the perspective of the coaching team – identifying what’s missing, building the approach, “selling” the change within the organization, rolling it out, fine-tuning and the roadmap for the future.


Yuval Yeret Yuval is an Agile Coach at AgileSparks helping individuals and organization ease their path to Agility and Engineering excellence, focusing on Scrum, Lean, and effective R&D in general. Yuval comes from the R&D management world where he practiced what he now preaches.

Starting 1994, Yuval held various positions in IT and R&D, leading up to VP R&D of several IT technology startups where he introduced agile methodologies, as well as served as Product Owner on various occasions. Today, Yuval is a senior consultant in the Agilesparks team, engaged with several enterprise-scale global R&D organizations.

Yuval is a practicing Certified Scrum Master since 2007, a CSP and CSPO and is actively consulting multiple enterprise organizations. Yuval holds a BA in Math and Computer Sciences from the Tel Aviv Open University.

Find him at
@yuvalyeret on Twitter

Erez Katzav Erez is Director of Process Engineering in Amdocs Product Business Group Division,

In his role Erez is responsible for the implementation of Agile in big organization that includes more than 50 products and more than 1200 employees. As part of its role Erez performs Agile Coach for teams and executives and expertise in Change Management and effective agile transition. Along the implementation Erez experienced implementing Kanban as second phase of the Agile implementation, as a director of process engineering Erez led a development of an in-house tool that combines the Agile approach with Kanban, enabling complex product development lifecycle that combine Scrum teams with Lean approach in an enterprise level.

Erez have 11 Years of experience in the Software industry: Project management, Program management, Development manager

Find him: erezkat@amdocs.com