Proceedings of the Lean Software & Systems Conference Atlanta 2010 are available for download here.


Brought to you by the Lean Software & Systems Consortium.

Table of Contents

1 • Welcome, David J. Anderson

2 • Business Drivers for Kanban Adoption, David J. Anderson

3 • BDD: A Lean Toolkit, Elizabeth Keogh

4 • Lean Software Management: BBC Worldwide Case Study, Peter Middleton & David P. Joyce

5 • Using Product Portfolio Management to Improve the Efficiency and Predictability of Teams, Alan Shalloway

6 • Converting a Scrum team to Kanban, Mattias Skarin

7 • Feature Bits: Enabling Flow Within and Across Teams, Erik C. Sowa & Robert Y. Loh

8 • Feeding the Agile Beast: Improving Economic Outcomes through Effective Alignment and Prioritization, Dennis E. Stevens & Dean C. Stevens

9 • Scrum, XP, and Beyond: One Development Team’s Experience Adding Kanban to the Mix, Frank X. Vega